The Only Trump-Endorsed Candidate Running to Represent WI-08

Trump-Endorsed Conservative Tony Wied Raises More Than $175,000 at Fundraiser Headlined by Donald Trump Jr.

Trump-Endorsed Conservative Tony Wied welcomed Donald Trump Jr. to WI-08 for a massive fundraiser followed by a campaign rally. The fundraiser, which had 150 attendees, raised more than $175,000 for Wied’s campaign. Donald Trump Jr. headlined the fundraiser and, following the event, spoke to a crowd of more than 250 people at a rally for Wied’s campaign.

Donald Trump Jr. praised Wied as exactly the type of leader Wisconsin voters need in Washington, “We want people who have run businesses, who had people’s well-being be based on their success each and every day. That’s who we want in Washington making decisions. Not someone who has tenure and who has been there longer. That’s a broken system that has failed us for decades.”

Tony Wied released the following comment on the night’s success:

“Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District is hungry for a political outsider and Trump-Endorsed Conservative. I’m humbled by the support tonight, and it was an honor to host Donald Trump Jr. here in our community. Now we need to take care of business. We have less than three months to go until the primary and we are going to earn every vote from now until August 13th. We have a country to save.”


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