The Only Trump-Endorsed Candidate Running to Represent WI-08


Tony Wied's Priorities

We must take immediate action to secure our southern border and stop the rampant crime, influx of illegal drugs and dangerous human trafficking that’s turned every town into a border town.

In Congress, Tony will prioritize finishing President Trump’s border wall, reinstituting President Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy, and ensuring our border agents have the funding they need to do their jobs.

The national debt is out of control.

As a small business owner, Tony knows what it takes to balance the books. He believes we need that same type of leadership in Washington. 

President Donald Trump needs our support to pass his America First agenda and Make America Great Again!​

In Congress, Tony will work with President Trump to secure the border, support our military, and protect Wisconsin values.

Our country’s national security depends on a powerful military.

Tony will fight to keep our military strong and eliminate any threat of terrorism inside of our borders.​

American energy independence is vital to ensuring our domestic and global security.

In Congress, Tony will work to reduce government regulations to unleash America’s energy potential.

Tony is committed to protecting Wisconsin farmers and agricultural producers by reducing burdensome regulations and ensuring they have an economic atmosphere that allows them to succeed.

Tony believes innovators should have the ability to create, build, and operate cutting-edge technologies here in the United States of America. 

He believes the United States should lead the world in the development of crypto and blockchain technology in the 21st century, rather than adversarial countries like Russia and China.

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